The Fight for the Cheese Cake - 1C

First key word story in past tense - English – 1C

The Fight for the Cheese Cake

Yesterday the cat walked to the village. A big dog wanted to eat a cheese cake. The cat wanted to eat the cheese cake, too. The animals were angry.
Suddenly the dog jumped at the cat. The cat phoned the police because the dog was so mad. But the police was busy. The cat called her friend, the yellow tiger. But the tiger wanted to sleep near the fire place. The cat was very sad and scared. At 6 o’clock the tiger arrived at the village. The cat waved to her friend and the tiger stopped the fight.
Then the cat was running into the school. There she learned “Kung Fu” from a book. At midnight the cat walked home. The dog watched the cat and suddenly the cat attacked the dog with a chair. The cat started a fight because she could do “Kung Fu”. The scared dog was running into the bathroom and the smiling Kung Fu cat was eating the cheese cake.

Mag. Renate Friesenbichler

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